Welcome to my little photo gallery! I built the initial version of this website on a rainy saturday, and my main intention was to see my own pictures once again: For most of the time, my colour slides are stored in dark boxes, and sheer lazyness is preventing me from enjoying them myself occasionally. Furthermore, colour slide presentations seem to be a nightmare for both friends and foes (and sometimes rightly so), so there is hardly any audience left these days for this somewhat »traditional« sort of entertainment...

The Internet, on the other hand, offers the unique opportunity of showing your own work to potentially everybody, without the hassle of having to install a slide projector and a fitting screen. Of course, the technical quality of a projected slide is way superior to the image on a computer monitor (even more so when it comes to medium format slides), but I think that a decent picture on a computer screen is preferable to a factually non-existent image stored in some plastic slide magazine!

One by one, I want to show you some scenes and views I conserved with my cameras during the last couple of years. Wasn't always much, since I'm definitively no busy amateur photographer. But if I manage to inspire you to own experiments with my little project here, then this website has served its purpose...

And now: Have fun!

This site is updated only when I find fun in scanning my better colour slides from the era of analog photography. In the meantime, you'll find more and newer pictures (shot with my little digital camera) in my personal Image Archive !

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