Pimp my Kind­le – Tipps & Tricks zum Ama­zon Kind­le 3

Flat­ter­satz er­mög­li­chen

Ge­he zum Home-Bild­schirm, schlie­ße den Kind­le an den PC an, öff­ne die Da­tei


(ggf. Lauf­werks­buch­sta­ben an­pas­sen) und hän­ge


ans En­de. Ach­te dar­auf, ei­nen Edi­tor zu be­nut­zen, der das UNIX-For­mat der Da­tei er­kennt und bei­be­hält. Spei­che­re die Da­tei und tren­ne den Kind­le vom PC. Wäh­le dann un­ver­züg­lich Me­nü > Set­tings > Me­nü > Re­start, um den Kind­le neu zu star­ten. Da­nach ist im Schrift­art­me­nü ei­ne neue Op­ti­on ver­füg­bar (Ju­sti­fi­ca­ti­on: Left / Full).

De­faults der Firm­ware-Schal­ter / Ver­si­on 3.x


Tools & Uti­li­ties

Kind­le 2 PDF Op­ti­mi­zer
Ama­zon Kind­le Key­board Short­cuts

Ca­libre email to Kind­le fail


I think I fi­gu­red it out! This is what worked for me (using Ca­libre and gmail):

In Ca­libre go to »Pre­fe­ren­ces« > »Sharing books by email«:

In the »Send email from box:« make su­re your en­ti­re gmail ad­dress is ap­pearing

In the Mail Ser­ver sec­tion, fill in the fol­lo­wing:

Hostname: smtp.gmail.com Port: 465
Username: (place your entire gmail address here)
Password: (place your gmail's password here)
Encryption: (pick SSL)

(In­te­re­stin­g­ly, the­se op­ti­ons we­re blank when I went in to do the abo­ve. Not su­re why they we­re blank as I know I fil­led them in a few ye­ars ago. So so­mehow, they got »blan­ked out« re­cent­ly.)

Se­cond­ly, you WILL have to set your gmail ac­count set­tings to »Al­low ac­cess for less se­cu­re apps«. See this link: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255 read if you want (I wan­ted to which is why I ad­ded this link first) and the you will find a link to ac­cess your ac­count set­tings the­re. Or if you don’t ca­re about the first link, you can go di­rect­ly to the ap­p­li­ca­ble ac­count set­ting he­re: https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps (make su­re »Turn on« is selec­ted).

That’s it! You can now use your gmail again if you chan­ged the abo­ve set­tings in Ca­libre and the one set­ting in your gmail ac­count. Fin­gers and toes cros­sed for an­yo­ne in this si­tua­ti­on. It worked for me and it worked for my fa­ther who al­so sud­den­ly be­ca­me aff­lic­ted with this er­ror. And he lives hund­reds of mi­les from me.

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